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We Provide Residential & Commercial Water Solutions

We supply residential and commercial with our water. Our clients are very satisfied. Please see our reviews.

It is important to you and your family’s health when you drink purified water. The recommended water consumption for the average person should be a minimum or 1.5 to 2.5 litres of purified water per day (1.5 to 2.5 quarts) to replace fluids used. Drinking water helps flush your kidneys of toxic substances, assists in controlling your blood pressure. The more purified water you and your family drink help maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Drinking enough Reverse Osmosis(RO) Purified Water can improve your health and well-being. Drinking RO water is important for so many organs in your body. Getting enough water is key to achieving optimal health. Water helps maintain blood volume that maintains your energy. Proper hydration improves your concentration and reaction time, especially during exercise. Water increases the number of calories during regular daily activities. Increased water consumption reduces the excess sodium that can cause fluid retention and Reverse Osmosis Purified Water helps protect against a variety of ailments such as Colds, Constipation, Urinary Tract Infections, Kidney Stones, Bladder Cancer.

Residential Water

Residential Water

We supply residential water. Both purified and alkaline water that is safe and healthy to be consumed by all members of your family.
office water supply

Water For Offices

We now supply pure, fresh and healthy water to industrial, commercial, and other commercial offices for staff and customers.

Water Delivery

We are now offering free water delivery. If you order the minimum required quantity. Please review the details on the shop page.

Why buy premium reverse osmosis water?

Unlike pre-bottled water, your water is produced fresh daily without storage in a warehouse or on a store shelf.

Premium reverse osmosis water is free from impurities, chlorine, and other harmful contaminants which may cause water to taste or smell bad.

Refilling your own bottles saves you up to 70% off current bottled water costs.

Water for your dispensers are maintained by qualified technicians, test and service all equipments.

Eliminates plastic containers that are filling our landfills and eliminate transportation pollution.

Essential Water

Get Pure & Healthy Drinking Water

At Essential Water, we carry any type of water you’re looking for. Our friendly sales team is always available to assist you.